What We Do

Conventional and Biopesticides


Entomological Expertise

Efficacy and Product Performance Data Review

Registration Support

  • Extraordinary talents to review and complete pesticide benefit assessments. And to develop pesticide use characterization analyses (methods, timing, frequency, and geographical distribution of pesticide applications).​

  • Extraordinary talents to review efficacy/product performance data for agricultural and non-agricultural uses, published and unpublished scientific literature, etc.

  • Prepare data waiver rationales to support efficacy for registration of pesticides for public health pests (i.e., ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, etc.).  

  •  Pesticide risk assessment refinement.

  •  Neonicotinoid benefits and exposure characterization.

  •  Develop rationale for Reduced Risk Program.

  •  Prepare comment responses to federal register notices issued by EPA.

  • Evaluate data regarding the safety of specific pesticides to pollinators.​

Nontarget Organism Data Review

Ecological Risk Assessments

Registration Support

  • Extraordinary talents to lead coalitions to agreement. 

  • Review nontarget organism study data, published and unpublished scientific literature, etc.

  • Draft data waiver rationales for studies required to support ecological risk assessments for registration of pesticides. 

  •  Review documents and risk assessments from data submitted to the EU in accordance with OECD guidelines and develop rationales for using the EU documents in lieu of conducting new studies for the U.S. pesticide registration.

  •  Generate waiver rationales for conducting studies that are not required by the EU but are required in the U.S.

  •  Evaluate EPA ecological guidelines, EU/OECD ecotoxicity testing requirements to support pesticide registration.

  •  Review and complete ecological risk assessments for non-endangered and endangered non-target organisms.

  •  Review ecological effects data to support data requirements in response to USEPA’s Toxic Substances Control Act Reform 2015.

  • Conduct data evaluations, risk assessments, and prepare reports in response to USEPA’s The Office of Pesticide Programs requirements for pesticide registration and registration review for conventional, biochemical and microbial pesticides.